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Welcome to NIFREL, a place which evokes your inspiration.


The“Japan World Exhibition,”or so-called EXPO’70 held in Osaka in 1970, was the first world fair in Asia.
The massive former site of the largest-scale event at the time later became Expo Commemoration Park,
one of the biggest green areas in the Kansai region, well-known because of remaining features
like the“Tower of the Sun”created by world-famous artist Taro Okamoto,
a Japanese garden that reflects the scenery of Japan’s four seasons, and the National Museum of Ethnology,
home to a collection of items from ancient Japanese culture and other cultures worldwide.
The Park can be accessed within one hour from Kyoto, too.


In November 2015, 45 years after the EXPO’70,“EXPOCITY,”the largest-class entertainment and shopping complex in Japan opened. The complex includes seven entertainment areas such as a Ferris wheel (opens in spring 2016), 4D movie theater, and a shopping center with over 200 shops, food court and restaurants offering a variety of foods you can taste in Japan.

The focus of“EXPOCITY”is“NIFREL, a live museum,”

“NIFREL”is produced by OSAKA AQUARIUM KAIYUKAN,* the biggest aquarium in the world. The museum is not just an aquarium, zoo, or art museum, though. This is a new type of museum that“appeals to your instincts.”

The museum comprises seven zones with completely different artistic presentations that are designed to highlight the individuality of each creature, using a combination of construction, lighting, music and screen images. It exhibits approx. 2,000 animals of150 kinds, including water creatures, large land mammals, and birds, some of which you can only see in Japan. In an area with a world-first 360-degree, globe-shaped screen using the latest technology, you can experience space art just as if you were watching stars in deep outer space.

The museum is open from 10:00 ‒ 20:00 seven days a week, and allowing re-entry. Enjoy the creatures in both daytime and nighttime, while you enjoy shopping and meals outside the museum.

Note: No. 1 aquarium in Asia selected by TripAdvisor in 2014


Astonished by wonders of life,
fascinated by surprises and mysteries in nature,
you will want to share the amazing discoveries with someone else.
Through the encounter with various forms of life
which resonates your heart strings and brings you a sense of oneness,
you will awake to the power of life.
Yet, what inspires you here are not only living things,
but unprecedented experiences,
leading to a new finding in yourself.














In this zone, you will see unique creatures’ performances, such as spouting water, burying themselves in the sand, and changing their color into the same as the environment. A staff member explains in an easy-to-understand way their techniques displayed in aquaria designed for you to closely watch their skills.

Mysterious shapes of living creatures look hovering under innumerable dots of light in a seemingly endless space. You will be fascinated by the beauty of each artistic aquarium in which formative art design is harmonized with the unique features of the inhabitant.

A world showing gentle changes in color. In thirteen aquaria filled with crystal-clear water, various kinds of fish, dressed in red, blue, yellow, and other vivid colors enjoy swimming with a lambent play of water. Which fish will most enchant you with the magic of its beautiful color?

After passing through a green area suggestive of woods, you will get into a brighter wide-open space. Welcomed by waterside dwellers, you will be thrilled with a succession of wonders, while feeling overwhelming presence of fierce animals and excitement of facing rare species.

A stream of water running through the playground for animals forms a boundary of the area off limits to us human beings, while other mammals and birds freely move around across the brook. In such a unique environment, you will feel as if you had bodily entered their world, enabling you to see their natural behavior up close.

Here, you will enjoy dynamic and powerful 3D images displayed on a huge screen made up of a wall and a floor. Under the theme of “Being the same”, “Being different”, and “Being interactive between them”, a video questions their meanings with regard to nature, living things, ourselves, and modern lifestyle.

An interactive art experience is delivered to you via a round light installation, which has been created by Artist Takahiro Matsuo. You will be taken to a mysterious world which could give you a sense of viewing the earth and other stars and planets from space. The spherical body portrays various scenes from nature, including water sculptures, flowers and trees, as well as the universe, with a shower of light being poured over you.
Program : WATER / Sense of Nature / UNIVERSE
Screen time : about 10 minutes

This is a luxury café enabling you to afford a beautiful view of the surrounding nature as well as the renowned tower of the Sun when looking out the windows, while allowing you to see animals and other living things up close when turning your eyes to the opposite side. Based upon the concept of “Reviewing relations with food”, the café serves you light meals, such as sandwiches, hot dogs, sweets, and more, which all uses carefully selected ingredients. Enjoy the picnic-like atmosphere.

It offers you a variety of original items, including sweets, stuffed toys, accessories, sundry goods, etc. that have been produced in the motif of various forms of life.


Hours open

from 10:00 to 20:00 ( Admission closed at 19:00 )

Note : Opening hours are subject to change depending on the season.

Admission fees

Adults ( aged 16 or older / senior high school students ) 1,900 yen
※2,000 yen (2019/03/01~)
Elementary / junior high school students 1,000 yen
600 yen


Nifrel tickets are available for purchase right now. Get in smoothly, without waiting in line to buy tickets!

Please visit travel agency websites for details on how to purchase tickets, and contact travel agencies directly if you have any questions.

Group rates

Adults ( aged 16 or older / senior high school students ) 1,700 yen
Elementary / junior high school students 900 yen
Preschoolers ( aged 3 or older ) 500 yen

Group rates, as shown in the table, are applied to a group of 20 peoples or more.
For foreign guests, however, the rates can be applied to a group of 15 people or more.

  • Credit cards of VISA, JCB, and MASTER are acceptable.
  • Reentry is possible only on the same day
  • Tell our staff if you want to reenter.
    Note : Reentry request is accepted until one hour before theclosing time.
  • Coin-operated lockers (31 small-sized, 21 medium-sized, and 6 large-sized) are available on one day only
  • Osaka Free Wi-Fi is available.


Senri bampaku koen, Suita-shi,

NIFREL information
0570-022060 ( Navi dial )

  • Refrain from taking photos indoors for commercial purposes.
  • Be reminded that you could be possibly included in our PR video or photos, which are taken at times in our facilities.
  • Do not make a nuisance to others, smoke, or eat at places other than the café.
  • Do not bring in dangerous goods or others that may cause trouble to other people.
  • Refrain from using a selfie stick or tripod in shooting photos inside.